The Fulford Hall, which has been serving the Salt Spring community since 1921, is home to the Salt Spring Folk Club and hosts some of the finest musicians folk music has to offer.

Our events are usually on Monday evenings with shows beginning at 7:00. Doors open at 6:00 for season pass holders, 6:15 for general admission.

We know how to put on a show


…the SOUND …the FOOD …the VIBE


Best sound
on the island

Good sound is an elusive thing. Is the skill of the sound mixer the most important factor? Or is it the sound the artist puts out that’s most important? A bad sounding room can certainly do great damage to the efforts of both artist and mixer. But with great artists, great mixers, excellent gear, an incredible sounding room and quiet and attentive audiences, we feel very fortunate and quite comfortable in claiming the “Best Sound On The Island.”


Delicious Folk Club Dinners

We take pride in the quality of our food. Sumptuous dinners and delectable desserts by Salt Spring’s best caterer’s are available at all our shows. Just one taste and you can tell how much love and dedication goes into every dish.



The Vibe

The 3200 sq. ft. historic Fulford Hall, a centre for Salt Spring gatherings for almost 100 years is filled with the warmth of community. Our shows bring islanders together in this familiar ambience. Friends are re-discovered, stories are shared, plans made, and laugher fills the room in the intermissions between sets. Then, magically, it all comes down to perfect quiet for the music; erupting in applause for a good song well played or a clever story told.